The Estate of the Late Argyle and Maudie Gore  ‘A Collectors Dream’

This will be a 4 Day Sale 

August 25,26,27,28

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 


Sunday 12;00-5:00PM

( dates and address to be given closer to the sale date )

We are selling a packed House , Basement , Tool shed , Antique Shop, 2 sheds and a Barn!!!!

McCoy Mammy Cookie Jar 

3 Cast Iron Step Stoves 

Cast iron Cook Stove

Over 400 Blue ,& Clear Fruit Jars

#13 Fruit Jars 

Olive green & amber fruit jars

21 Jumbo peanut butter jars 

Collection of Hull pottery 

Persimmon Orange Hull Pottery 

Lance Jars 

Toms jars 

Over 140 Old Cookbooks 

Collection of Jewel Tea Dishes 

Collection of Green Jadite Fireking 

Green jadeite Mugs 

Green jadeite measuring cups

Set of Jane Ray  

White Fireking Dishes

Number 4 Dinner Bell

Set Old Helen dishes 

1971,75,76,77,78 Topps baseball Card 

Sets and partial sets 

Star and Rookie baseball  Cards 

Autographed photo of Thurman Munson

1956 Topps Hank Arron Card 

Signed Hank Arron picture

Tigers , Reds ,Braves etc 

Tennessee Pottery 

4 Tin Pie Safe

Handmade Cherry Bedroom Suite 

Handmade cherry end tables 

Handmade cherry lamps 

Curved glass China cabinet 

Over 60 PCs Cast Iron 

Wagner and Griswold 

Hickory bark bottom chairs 

# 4 cast iron Dinner Bell 

Gray Graniteware 

Pocket Watches 

Wrist watches

Straight Razors 

Approx 50 Boxes of Ammo 

Tin wind up toy dog 

1970’s  Rodriguez  Pepsi glass

15 Christmas Blow Molds 

Metal coal Buckets

Country store jars 

Banjo in case 

Case knives 

Costume jewelry

Old Pipes and pipe humidors 

Red sofa and love seat 

Bags of Marbles 

Crock Bowls

Automatic Leather Lift chair 

Numerous pickle jars 

CAndy jars 

Black celluloid Naughty nodder 

Items  from Overton County 

Putnam Co Cookbooks 

Upright Freezer 

Front loader washer and dryer 

Dutch doll quilt 

Set of calendar plates 

Pyrex bowls 

Aluminum coffee pots 

Collection of salt and pepper shakers 

Novelty Banks 

Showcases from the Antique shop 

Much much more to be added 

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